How Does It Work

Method 1

There are two methods of investing to produce a daily profit you can begin your day to invest with the decision to produce all your profits in a single investment account (which can take time, add additional stress to the investor, increase unsystematic risk and market exposure).

Or Method 2

You can begin your day with a plan or goal to achieve the highest possible daily return; take a profit within market conditions (If the market is producing higher returns take higher returns if; it is producing less take less) produce a profit anytime during a 24 hour day in multiple markets with the use of several accounts. A combination of managed, broker assisted and self-directed working collectively to produce similar results. The use of this approach compounds your return from each investment account, creates less unsystematic risk and invest in several financial markets to increase your potential profit.

We have chosen method 2, A formulation of a diversified, balanced approach that is modifiable. One of the many advantages of choosing this method is the choice to withdraw funds or to transfer profits from each account to increase earnings in over performing accounts.


We have chosen the Options market, Futures, Bond and the Forex market, the use of day trading techniques to produce a profit from intra-day positions within each market. A diversified investment approach in multiple financial markets creates increased opportunities to be profitable within a range of price movements and the ability to limit your specific risk.

Binary Options: Why Binary options; Binary options is a dynamic approach to generate a profit; with options the returns are instant in a variety of markets (Commodities or Forex). Profit from smaller price movements which allows you to not only to see your returns immediately but also the gratification of making a profit that quickly.
Profit target:

A minimal profit to generate per day should be utilized, you may choose any amount as a profit target, the choice of a profit target is established from diversity, there are several various methods when combined and working all together will generate a daily profit as a whole. An increase in the profit target, investment and trade size creates higher returns

Why can (target return) gains be profitable? Producing a target return in combined markets along with asset allocation within a longer time period, limits your exposure and tries to balance risk and reward in the markets you are investing to produce consistent results. It is accommodating to know your overall gains are profits in-line with market conditions compared to exorbitant results.

Intraday Trading Instruments: There is a diversity of intraday instruments to be traded (Currency) forex; (Energy) oil; (Metals) gold (Indices) E-minis, Options which expire daily or weekly or intraday options with an expiry time of one or more hours. There are event based options such as the Unemployment number and Forex options that are available to produce a profit 24 hours per day.
Combined Accounts: Your combined accounts will consist of managed accounts, broker assisted and self-directed accounts, they may be individual accounts but all connected and modifiable, creating increased profits in the financial markets from the sum of your investments.
Shortfall: This approach is capable of absorbing short fall. Investing in diverse markets and more than one investment account along with risk management and money management compensates for performance during volatility

There are a several methods to make a profit: A combination of Futures ,Binary Options, Forex and Bond Trading accounts.

Option accounts: The Binary Options accounts posses a diversity of instruments to be traded, the differences are in the expiration time. You may choose between a combination of options which expire short term or long term.

Forex accounts:

Bond Trading:

The Forex accounts are self-directed traded accounts which the investor enters the buy and sell orders with the assistance of proprietary trading methods.

Bond trading is an attractive option if the objective is fixed income investments: Interest is paid Monthly, Semi annually quarterly or Annually