My Approach

We all have a choice of Investing; we may choose Passive management or Active management.

Passive management: Passive management (to buy and hold) does not try to beat the market


Active management:


Active management (to buy and sell) invests in the market in a diversified method to attempt to produce results above the market.

The atypical individual with a 401k predominantly invests their savings in diversified Funds. Ex (banking fund and energy fund) The high net-worth investor routinely allocates millions of dollars in investments in a diversified portfolio. They may choose to invest in stocks, bonds and diversified ETF funds, commodities and more.

With Options, Bonds, Futures and Forex along with Active management profitable results are possible.

Diversity: The use of multiple markets ex (Futures, Forex) to create multiple investment income with a combination of managed accounts, broker assisted  and self-directed accounts.

Short/long term positions:

There are many intraday positions within the options, bond, futures, and forex market that can be bought and sold, combine intraday positions with long term positions

Patience: Produce the highest possible amount of profit which the market will allow; limiting your risk and the exposure of your investment.


Compound your daily and weekly returns,compound earnings generate earnings from previous earnings

Achievable return: Strive for reasonably attainable gains each day or make a profit within market conditions and trends.

Initial Investment:

Begin with an adequate investment amount to produce profitability


Take the long road to success, producing a high daily return is gratifying and there will be Many opportunities, but there is no perfect strategy a diversified investment approach in trading systems, Financial markets and trading instruments produces consistent results.

To achieve more: The larger the investment the higher the returns; Higher returns equals additional liquidity to reinvest for increased gains.